Learn more about Koza towels

Also known as Peshtemals,traditional Turkish woven fabrics created to dry ourselves after interacting with water. Today Peshtemals have 600 years old history and they have tremendously important features in comparison to other towels that you have probably experienced so far.

Use a little piece of smart Turkish tradition to dry you and yours.


A woven fabric that keep remaining soft all the time.

Premium Aegean cotton yarns are used.


Koza towels dry 2x faster than terry towels simply because our fabrics can breathe through the loomed yarn.


at home or in the luggage

Save space :

4 Koza Towel = 1 Terry Towel

Koza will change how you experience water :

at home, at the beach and on the go.


Save Water :

4 Koza Towel=1 Terry Towel also inside the washing machine.

Koza towels are fast-drying and therefore will not stink. No need to wash as often as terry towels.

An average Koza towel weighs 350-400grams less than terry towel. Imagine all the water saved for the growth of cotton plants.

Make the world better place.

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