Translating into English as Cocoon, the name Koza evokes feelings of comfort, solidified using the highest grade cotton and bamboo fabrics. Drawing on a long line of traditions and looming craftsmanship – Koza brings specialist design, comfort and beauty into New Zealand households.

    To obtain the cotton you first sow the seed and after the 10th week, the seed transforms into the Cotton’s Cocoon - otherwise known as Koza. This provides protection for the cotton and just occurs after the seed blooms into flower. At 18th-20th week the Cotton’s Cocoon opens, providing you the cotton that grows and becomes more mature over the subsequent weeks. The cotton is then harvested at the 25th week.

    Koza Turkish towels-Koza story
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    The factory which produces the Koza collection operates in the field of natural home textiles and clothing which composes the traditional production methods and knowledge with technology, high quality raw materials and skillful handwork.


    Koza is founded by two brothers who are born and raised in Izmir, in the Aegean region of Turkey.

    Both offer a commitment not only to source the highest quality sustainable materials and to add innovation in the design, texture and colours, but also to provide highest level of customer experience and service.