What’s So Great About Turkish Coffee

by Caner Ekmekciler | December 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

What’s So Great About Turkish Coffee

Most people start their day by putting on either the kettle or the coffee machine for a cup of flat white coffee. Although it makes for a great choice to get going in the morning, there is another coffee that is recently becoming far more popular and may even give you a few unexpected rewards.

Although Turkish coffee is not so popular across New Zealand and Australia, when Kiwis and Aussies travel to Turkey, they discover its great taste and find out that it’s not necessary to use a coffee machine to make it. You too could be in a position to reclaim all that lost kitchen counter space that your coffee machine takes up in exchange for a cup of tasty authentic Turkish coffee.

Turkish coffee is made from boiling finely ground coffee beans in a pot of water. Usually served with sugar in a cup that allows the grounds allowed to settle on the bottom, it’s commonly found in North Africa, the Middle East, Bali and Eastern Europe.


There is evidence of drinking coffee in 15th century Yemen, with it soon spreading to the great cities of Cairo and Mecca. By 1650 the first coffeehouse had opened in Istanbul, and as they say, the rest is history.

In more recent years, tea has made a considerable impact in the arena of hot drinks in addition to instant coffee. However, the importance of traditional coffee in the Turkish culture goes back a long way. The word for ‘Breakfast’ in Turkish is actually ‘kahvalti’ which means ‘before coffee’.


-Always prepared in "Cezve", a small copper handled pot.Place your "Cezve" on a low heated fire.

-Put a glass of water inside "Cezve" (as much as your traditional Turkish coffee cup), a teaspoon grounded Turkish coffee and a sugar if you prefer medium-sweet flavour.

-Start stirring slowly on a low heat until sugar dissolves. Once the coffee starts to have bit of froth, remove from the heat and pour the froth to your cup.

-Take again the mixture a low heated fire, when you see the coffee is rising up again it's ready to serve.

Be careful at this process as coffee will rise up fast and can go out of your "Cezve".

How to serve ? Serve always with a glass of still water.

What are the benefits of Turkish coffee ?

Relaxation. The tiny coffee cups filled to the brim with this fantastic brew make it necessary to sit down to drink it. This will force you to take a break, otherwise you will certainly spill.

Sociable. Traditionally, Turkish coffee is shared with somebody you love or like, such as family or friends. Sit down and savour the time and taste as you talk and catch up on news.


Turkish coffee makes a tasty and aromatic alternative to flat white coffee. Once you’ve tried it, we’re quite sure you’ll agree.

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