Product Look : Ipek

by Caner Ekmekciler | December 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

Hi, we want to explain more about our products, that's why we will make deeper look w for all our products until the end of summer.

This week's product is Ipek : Available in three colors: Mint, Lake-Blue, and Indian Red. Ipek has only two-stripes located close to the tassels located at top. 


Made with 100% Turkish Cotton

Woven flat. It's flat and single layer fabric, which means two sides have the same texture. Touching to it feels like silk rather than cotton and that's the secret of a great weaving.

Vintage effect. They are stone-washed to have more vintage effect. 

Take it to the beach or on holidays. It weighs about 345g. Being stone-washed make Ipek more charming than any other products.

Which one is your favourite colour ?

SHOP THE COLORS : Mint , Lake Blue , Indian Red.


Outdoors photography by : Alicja Grocz

Model : Phoebe Lou

Outdoors location : Tawharanui, New Zealand

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