One smart way make your home linens smell amazing

by Caner Ekmekciler | December 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

Our previous experience in Shanghai.

We want to share you simple method to keep your any home linen smell amazing which we discovered while we were living in Shanghai, China. Our home linens such as bath towels, bedsheets, and duvet covers used to smell really bad after washing because they were drying really slowly due to extremely high humidity. 

Lush brand & Soaps

My partner used to bring Lush soaps from France to use for herself and for the textile we had.

Very simple, amazing scents and long-lasting.

So very simple go to the closest Lush store and choose your favourite smelling soap.

Place your soap between your towels or linens, or even pillow cases. It's so good to sleep on a pillow carrying the scent of a Lush products. Don't forget to wrap up with a tissue paper just in case. Lush already puts a tissue paper around the soap when you buy it.

Two or three pieces of soap would be enough for around 8-10 home linens stacked. Best part is they don't lose shape, or melt and you can keep them for years.

Easier sleeps.

Sleeping is much easier especially when your pillow cases have a touch of your favourite neutral scent. 

Shop our products in the photos.

Harman Turquoise and White 

What is your way to make your fabrics smell amazing ?

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