Product Look : Deniz

by Caner Ekmekciler | December 11, 2014 | 0 Comments

Hi, we want to explain more about our products, that's why we will make deeper product view for all our products until the end of summer.

Let's start with Deniz:. Available in three colors: Red-Navy, Navy-Blue, and Brown-Beige. It's a classic with the design, especially the stripes, and have a very "French" look.


Made by 100% Turkish Cotton

Woven flat. It's flat and single layer, which means two sides have the same texture.

Tightly hand-made tassels. Tassels are unique to traditional Turkish towels. We make sure that they are made tightly not to get unravelled by time.

Take it to the beach. The colour and design combination make it perfect for the beach and it only weighs 255g. Simple enough to dry all the water on your body after swimming.

Which one is your favourite colour ?

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