Wake Up Early & Live Life to the Full

by Caner Ekmekciler | November 26, 2014 | 0 Comments

Wake Up Early & Live Life to the Full

Being an earlier riser has a lot of rewards. You’ll not only have far more time in your day to get things done but you’ll have a clear focus on your goals. Your day will start with a measure of motivation and excitement and you’ll be under less stress.

Not everybody finds it easy to wake up bright and bushy tailed every morning. Some people start their day by dragging themselves out of bed, moving through a grumpy routine and feeling far below par. This can be particularly true for those who need to complete a lot of evening tasks before they climb into bed. However, once the benefits or rising early have been identified, it can actually become much easier to get up early every day.

Here are our tips on how to convert from being a late rising night owl to being an early rising lark who is excited about what the day holds:

Wake a few minutes earlier each day. If you’re mornings are spent rushing around in a panic, then it’s clear you need to either become more prepared the night before or wake up a little earlier. Just 10 minutes earlier each week will give you a gentle transformation that you’ll hardly be aware of.

Keep tasks minimal. One of the mistakes of people who are too busy is trying to fit too much into one day. It’s far easier to keep it simple. The morning will ideally start with just 2 tasks to be done. Consider your priorities. Working out and meditating or yoga make a good pair, or perhaps you need to focus on getting the children up and out of the door on time, but be aware that you can’t do everything. Keep it simple by picking a couple of priorities.

Add something you love. Your morning shouldn’t just be about tasks that you HAVE to do. It should also contain tasks that you LOVE to do. Add something that will make you want to get up and start your day even if it’s a plan to sit back and relax with coffee whilst you catch up on the news.

Wake up in a room that you like. Keeping your room tidy and set up as a pleasant environment will make a difference to how you feel every morning. It will give you the positivity and pleasant feelings to start your day in a good way.

Whether you’re located in Melbourne, Sydney or even Auckland, these tips should help you to start your day in a way that will benefit you for the rest of it.

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