Fast-Drying turkish towels

by Caner Ekmekciler | August 06, 2014 | 0 Comments

Fast-drying bath towels made of natural fibres are tremendously useful for anybody during winter especially if you are living in high-humid countries.

We've been comparing our Turkish towels to standard terry towels. The test was done on a rainy week end in Auckland. Check out the results, the difference is amazing! 

fast drying turkish towels-Koza


Koza turkish towels not only dry you quickly but they dry themselves quickly too so you’re not left with soggy, and stinky towels lying around. 

Their fast drying time makes them hygienic too because there’s not enough time for bacterias to develop.


They dry really fast because of the reason how they are woven and properties of Turkish cotton. In more simple words our cloth can breathe unlike terrycloth. Moreover, our bathroom collection does not include any flat-think Turkish towels, but have Turkish towels with unique textures and brilliant weaving skills. The collection is also made up of off-white to fit into our bathrooms. 

 Go on , experience this beauty and just share it with your friends.


Above, HARMAN bath towels are one of our most fastest-drying towels.

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